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La Banda Jojo

What is La Banda Jojo?

These 8 musicos some bit crazy have decided one day to go to spring sowing seeds of funk (funky pure seeds guarantees GMOs) in the heart of French cities and villages. Although they took because since the watering shoulder, they became the official representatives of the culture of the street groove, raised and harvested uh.. forgiveness rather composed and arranged by Steven the Dog.

When Banda arrives in town the people cross the street... to hear him, because it gives much to do to hear.

A real "sound and light" traveling!

Yes thanks to jojomobile carrying his infernal percussion (not to be missed is indéit) Banda can go anywhere to find the gloom and her party.

This is the band "all terrain"...

  1. Street Music
  2. On Stage
La Banda Jojo in the street!
Banda jojo is a street band that fits all situations. Its communicative nature allows him a great complicity with the audience with whom she loves to have fun ... games, songs and dances are part of the repertoire of the banda.
But the secret weapon of this banda is his Jojomobile, led board powered by a pedaling system that can accommodate a battery. This invention provides home to its originality parades Banda allowing it to evolve while playing his repertoire with a full rhythm section.
The street is not the only playground of the banda that can adapt to all applications: events, weddings, events ...
Do not hesitate to contact us.
From the street to the stage...
For 5 years now, the Banda Jojo foam Normandyand intl scene with his band of street activity through its Jojomobile allowing him strolling with a full battery.
But the artistic quality of jazz, the originality of the directory pointed this training and public demand now training to address this growing stage. Without losing its festive side, the scene allows the Banda Jojo playing with the public but also to discover it all the intricacies of writing his book.
In line with formations such as "Those who walk upright" or the famous "Youngblood brass band" Banda Jojo has its own parts through its authorized composers Steven and Cedric the Dog Trevel directory. This Banda, composed of eight professional musicians in the region, alternates with jubilation all styles: soul, funk, jazz, latin.
The Banda Jojo therefore now offers a version "concert" of its services so that you can discover on stage.
Josselin Cheri | La Banda Jojo

Trombone at attention, Josselin makes these individuals but experts dissipated extravagant and great banda. A touch of organization, a pinch of authority and a good slice of friendship make him the chef of this infernal grub not Appetizing. Phlegm bassist he is also one recognizes him at once, the brilliant energy trombonist and accuracy theorist.

Josselin Chéri
Norbert Genvrin | La Banda Jojo

Clarinetist classical origin, it's the tenor sax, Norbert bring his talents in Banda Jojo. He would have a tendency to confuse Chorus and Petrus but fortunately his comrades more comfortable in the improvisation help tame composed of "Steven the Dog." Its many activities director of the school of music and clarinetist left him little time to work and become Macéo Parker that dream of being secret. Banda Jojo represents for him a form of initiation rite of Bandsman which his natural abilities were not prepared. He had to deal with such events as the "yellow carnival Saturday morning", but seduced by the atmosphere of the group, he is delighted to participate in this adventure fanfaronesque.

Norbert Genvrin
Claude Launay | La Banda Jojo

After studies in robotics, Claude turns to musical education to become a professional saxophonist. Playing in various jazz and classical training (symphony orchestras, quintets, saxophone, jazz big band ...), this instrumentalist "multifaceted" teaches discipline for over 20 years at the Conservatoire de Musique de Caen. He is also the designer and director of the Jojo Mobile!

Claude Launay
Cédric Trevel | La Banda Jojo

Originally from Calvados like all members of the Banda, Cedric begins at the music school of Molay-Littry before following the advice of Master Titi at the Conservatory of Caen. Saxhorniste training, he joined later music Firefighters Paris. Open to many formations in both the classical field in improvised music. Income in the region as a teacher in various schools of music, it is with 15 pounds of metal on his back, he plays the sousaphone in Banda Jojo. With the pedal stroke Bernard Hinault, it propels the Jojomobile fast paced solos!

Cédric Trevel
Jonathan Rezé | La Banda Jojo

Also student at the conservatory of Caen, and awarded a gold medal and a prize of Development, Jonathan then gets the first prize of the city of Paris. He now perfected the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris and is part of the Music Air Paris as Soprano Cornet. Jonathan regularly performs in concert in the lower region of Normandy.

Jonathan Rezé
David Le Rossignol | La Banda Jojo

The infectious enthusiasm of the fact that hyperactive trombonist long radiate in various formations low - Norman. Teacher, improviser, David the benefit of his experience students of music schools. Classical trombonist training, professional orchestras (Orchestre Régional Basse - Normandie, Caen Orchestra) in the region regularly use his talent. This hilarious bald sense of show and improv, he developed the show with his quartet "trombone 4"

David Le Rossignol
Stéphane Lechien | La Banda Jojo

When a trumpet blows in against - ut is that Stéphane is surely not far away! But instead of breaking your ears , his prowess incase you exciting and make you take off your shoes, and if the Banda themes are so well crafted and pieces that you did not know the trot now noggin, is that he had to compose or orchestrate. The shadow man whose spark trumpet !!!

Stéphane Lechien
Guillaume Hubert | La Banda Jojo

A native of Granville, William Hubert is the drummer of the Banda Jojo. Versatile and eclectic musician he already has a big experience and performing groups. Percussionist training graduated from the Conservatory, in addition to his orchestra he quickly built a jazz curriculum and group life in his artistic life (eg TBK) activities. His career as a teacher (state diploma holder percussion) led to the now also perform duties as director of the music school. With its creative energy and experience of street music, it brings to the Banda jojo all kinds of ideas the originality of this extraordinary band.

Guillaume Hubert
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